22: “I’ll meet you on campus ”

Hey Bride Podcast - Episode 22 - "I'll meet you on campus"

Caitlin and Ed met in college, playing basketball, so they held their ceremony at the Chapel on campus in 2014 – Talk about a meaningful venue! Join Cailtin and I on the 22nd episode of Hey Bride Podcast to learn about her experience as a ... [ Read More ]

20: “International Love Story”

Hey Bride Episode 20 - Kristen + Austin - Mindy Weiss Wedding Planner

They wanted their wedding to be whimsical, enchanting, unique and full of personal details. To bring to life that vision of a rustic yet chic celebration, Mindy suggested the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. Join Kristen and I to learn more about ... [ Read More ]

The hunt is over – Engagement Photoshoot

The Hunt is Over - HeyBride.com

"We have been together for 7 years. Nathan is a hunter and I love photography,  that's where I got the inspiration to do these photos. We live in Michigan and we love fall because of all the pretty color changes we get to see, but we are getting ... [ Read More ]

Oscar De La Renta Wedding dress legacy

Oscar De La Renta Wedding Dress - RIP - Heybride.com

Oscar de la Renta, was a Dominican fashion designer that was trained by Cristóbal Balenciaga and Antonio del Castillo;  An award-winning designer that worked for Lanvin and Balmain, but later on, his name was enough. Internationally known in the ... [ Read More ]

Unforgettable Wedding Dresses From Films


If you, like me, are a hopeless romantic, chances are you have seen dozens of Unforgettable Wedding Dresses From Films. Yes! those chick flicks that make us laugh and cry, and for some reason offer as much comfort as a plate of pizza and coke! ... [ Read More ]