Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers day mother of the bride

For mothers our special day is one they dreamed of since we were little. Every one of our love story and heartbreaks she suffered. And when we finally found the one, she saw her prayers answered. She might not always say it, but mothers always hold ... [ Read More ]

24: Rainy Wedding – Lucky Bride

Hey Bride Podcast - Interview 24 - Kayla Coleman Heybride.com

“Patrick and I had about 120 guests, and about 3,285,098,235 raindrops.” Still, was perfect! Join the fun and talented photographer Kayla and I on the 24th episode of Hey Bride Podcast to learn about her experience as a bride! She gives a ton of ... [ Read More ]

Happy National Proposal Day!

National Proposal Day - Hey Bride

Celebrating National Proposal Day 2015, I want to share Brittany Montz's proposal story and photos! Jesse Surprised Brittany while hiking, with an amazing ring at a breathtaking scenery. What a way to propose! She knew he was the love of her life ... [ Read More ]

Dress Shopping!!


Our big day is still a ways out (375 days, but who’s counting :) ) but I decided to go try on some dresses just to get a feel for what style I might like. My tastes for wedding dresses are all over the place.   So when Susana forwarded ... [ Read More ]

To my future Husband

To My Future Husband - Heybride.com

I have dreamt of you. I have taken countless hours throughout my life to think of who and how you will be. I guess any girl does. Songs like “I haven’t met you yet” or “To whom it may concern” or even “Love song for no one” have given me the hope ... [ Read More ]

Episode 23: From DIY bride to Business Woman

Hey Bride Wedding Podcast, Episode 23, Kara's Vineyard

Kara took their wedding in her hands…and she truly meant it. From a multi-purpose venue to hair and makeup, food and the bar, she made sure everything was beautiful, cost-effective and meaningful, which led her to her new career! Join Kara and ... [ Read More ]

Episode 22: I’ll meet you on campus

Hey Bride Podcast - Episode 22 - "I'll meet you on campus"

Caitlin and Ed met in college, playing basketball, so they held their ceremony at the Chapel on campus in 2014 – Talk about a meaningful venue!   Join Caitlin and I on the 22nd episode of Hey Bride Podcast to learn about her ... [ Read More ]

Episode #21: A big Latin party never killed nobody

Hey Bride Podcast, Episode 21 - Super Bride! www.HeyBride.com

Episode 21: “A big Latin party never killed nobody” If you don’t know it by now, my accent might give it away. I’m latina, so I really enjoyed going thru Renata and Jorge’s day, since they got married in El Salvador. A typical Latin wedding ... [ Read More ]