24: Rainy Wedding – Lucky Bride

Hey Bride Podcast - Interview 24 - Kayla Coleman Heybride.com

“Patrick and I had about 120 guests, and about 3,285,098,235 raindrops.” Still, was perfect! Join the fun and talented photographer Kayla and I on the 24th episode of Hey Bride Podcast to learn about her experience as a bride! She gives a ton of ... [ Read More ]

Happy National Proposal Day!

National Proposal Day - Hey Bride

Celebrating National Proposal Day 2015, I want to share Brittany Montz's proposal story and photos! Jesse Surprised Brittany while hiking, with an amazing ring at a breathtaking scenery. What a way to propose! She knew he was the love of her life ... [ Read More ]

Dress Shopping!!


Our big day is still a ways out (375 days, but who’s counting :) ) but I decided to go try on some dresses just to get a feel for what style I might like. My tastes for wedding dresses are all over the place.   So when Susana forwarded ... [ Read More ]

To my future Husband

To My Future Husband - Heybride.com

I have dreamt of you. I have taken countless hours throughout my life to think of who and how you will be. I guess any girl does. Songs like “I haven’t met you yet” or “To whom it may concern” or even “Love song for no one” have given me the hope ... [ Read More ]

Episode 23: From DIY bride to Business Woman

Hey Bride Wedding Podcast, Episode 23, Kara's Vineyard

Kara took their wedding in her hands…and she truly meant it. From a multi-purpose venue to hair and makeup, food and the bar, she made sure everything was beautiful, cost-effective and meaningful, which led her to her new career! Join Kara and ... [ Read More ]

Episode 22: I’ll meet you on campus

Hey Bride Podcast - Episode 22 - "I'll meet you on campus"

Caitlin and Ed met in college, playing basketball, so they held their ceremony at the Chapel on campus in 2014 – Talk about a meaningful venue!   Join Caitlin and I on the 22nd episode of Hey Bride Podcast to learn about her ... [ Read More ]

Episode #21: A big Latin party never killed nobody

Hey Bride Podcast, Episode 21 - Super Bride! www.HeyBride.com

Episode 21: “A big Latin party never killed nobody” If you don’t know it by now, my accent might give it away. I’m latina, so I really enjoyed going thru Renata and Jorge’s day, since they got married in El Salvador. A typical Latin wedding ... [ Read More ]

Episode 20: International Love Story

Hey Bride Episode 20 - Kristen + Austin - Mindy Weiss Wedding Planner

They wanted their wedding to be whimsical, enchanting, unique and full of personal details. To bring to life that vision of a rustic yet chic celebration, Mindy suggested the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. Join Kristen and I to learn more about ... [ Read More ]