Oh Fancy Love!

On October 26th, 2013, Rebecca married her best friend, Miro. But they had quite the story before this magical day. (Spoiler alert: ends in the emergency room) 2137 2259 [Read more...]

11. (BRIDE) It’s kinda like a fairytale


Alison She likes simple things. But her taste is simply beautiful. Alison and Geoff really knew how to prioritize for their wedding. Great food, and an amazing band and photographer were non negotiable. Different J Crew dresses and different number of bridesmaids and groomsmen made this wedding extra especial. You can tell by the pictures that everything fitted perfectly without effort. But then again, when love is real, there’s no need to force anything to have a perfect wedding. [Read more...]

Great Marriage Advice

I stumbled upon this article by .

7 Truths About Marriage You Will Not Hear In Church


1.) Sex is a gift from God. Explore It.

Make no mistake…God created sex. But through the years, God’s people have allowed Satan to steal this gift. Without a fight.

I was never educated about sex…and I grew up in a Christian family. My framework for sex was built by my friends at school and the movies I watched. Big UH OH. I still struggle with enjoying the fullness of sex today because of the cloud of lies formed during my teenage years.

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Thank You! 10k followers

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Love in the times of CrossFit

If I’ll get a ring from my dream man after 7 minutes of burpees… I’m in!

He managed to “trick” the workout of the day, making it that everyone would have to do seven minutes of burpees, Amanda’s least favorite exercise. Everyone who was there knew that they would all have to stay down at a certain cue in the music, and all but Amanda stayed on the ground. She quickly got the hint something was happening and watched as JP made his way through, eventually proposing with a gorgeous ring and after some serious dance moves!  Read more on Latin times

Ep. 9 “I would have said yes anyways”


They met each other at a dinner, both with their former partners, but when true love arrives, it find its way. Last year he proposed in The Palace of Versailles, France.

But no wedding story comes easy… besides their undying love, Daniela had quite the story with her flowers. She said “I was crying on top of my dead flowers… literally”. ep9

Find out what it is about, Joining Daniela and I on the 9th episode of Hey Bride Podcast. [Read more...]

Here’s What a Filmmaker Learned About Marriage

“Pick wisely is the best advice,” he says. “You’d better find somebody who feels like your jokes are funny.” – D.Block for Time

Over the past two decades, acclaimed documentary filmmaker Doug Block has supported his career with a side business of videotaping weddings. Long curious about how their marriages have turned out, he tracks down and interviews some of the more memorable of his 112 wedding couples – with funny, insightful and deeply moving results.

“I’m gonna devote the rest of my life to YOU… That’s kind of insane!” Says an interviewee

A love that flies… Proposal Story

It’s no surprise, I’m a sucker for love stories. The more I read proposal stories, the more excited I get about life and love. Ivette and Eliot’s story is not the exception. Photos by Alfredo Rodriguez for Hey Bride After being introduced by a friend in common, and months without communication, Facebook did its job (once again), and Ivette and Eliot started a long distance relationship. [Read more...]