Oscar De La Renta Wedding dress legacy

Oscar De La Renta Wedding Dress - RIP - Heybride.com

Oscar de la Renta, was a Dominican fashion designer that was trained by Cristóbal Balenciaga and Antonio del Castillo;  An award-winning designer that worked for Lanvin and Balmain, but later on, his name was enough. Internationally known in the ... [ Read More ]

Unforgettable Wedding Dresses From Films


If you, like me, are a hopeless romantic, chances are you have seen dozens of Unforgettable Wedding Dresses From Films. Yes! those chick flicks that make us laugh and cry, and for some reason offer as much comfort as a plate of pizza and coke! ... [ Read More ]

[Disney] Wedding Cake Projection Mapping


Recently, Disney unveiled a new technology that brings the word fairytale to a whole new level. Disney's Wedding Cake Projection Mapping Is a technology that uses a white [still completely edible] cake, and uses it as a projection wall, where you ... [ Read More ]

Wedding Cinematography / Videography


Bring your story to life you know that the #1 regret from couples about their wedding is not having a videographer present to capture the highlights of their big day? Don't make that mistake! Your wedding is one of the most special moments of ... [ Read More ]

Shit People Say to Brides by Hey Bride

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Yes! Brides can get a little... particular, in the planning process. And we've seen tons of jokes about "bridezilla" and how annoying she can get showing off her ring and fiancé, but what about the SHIT PEOPLE SAY TO BRIDES? Hey Bride! We got you ... [ Read More ]