Shit People Say to Brides by Hey Bride

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Yes! Brides can get a little... particular, in the planning process. And we've seen tons of jokes about "bridezilla" and how annoying she can get showing off her ring and fiancé, but what about the SHIT PEOPLE SAY TO BRIDES? Hey Bride! We got you ... [ Read More ]

Edible Flowers


We can't deny the power of pretty flowers. And from a simple vase decor on our home, to an astonishing wedding decor, they are always a safe bet. And when we got all décor covered, we realized that even our drinks can be prettied-up. Using edible ... [ Read More ]

Best Wedding Crashers Evah! (celebrities)


If anything similar to the "Wedding Crashers Movie" happened in my wedding, I would be devastated, but not every crasher is a smasher. Some people just know how to be at the right place, at the right time, and just like that become the center of ... [ Read More ]

Personal Wedding Bouquet that lasts forever


(Author was guest #15 on the podcast. Listen to her interview here) Standard wedding traditions are changing. Weddings have evolved into a celebration of the committed love and personal style of the bride and groom. Having worked in the floral ... [ Read More ]

Thank you, DC!


Yesterday (Sunday, Sept. 7th), was such an amazing day! We were part of the "Washington Wedding Experience" Expo at the Washington Convention Center and it was a blast! Hey Bride Wedding Coordination teamed up with "Emotion Films" and "Alfredo ... [ Read More ]